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What Happened to Next?

Today we’re headed back into one of the best era’s of music, the 90’s. We will take a look at another popular 90’s R&B group and where they are now. Today’s topic is “What Happened to Next?”


In 1992, the R&B group Next was formed by Robert Huggar, also known as “R.L” and two brothers Raphael and Terry Brown, known as “Tweety” and “T-Low.” It all started in Minneapolis, Minnesota after being introduced to the brother’s uncle who was a gospel choir director. They caught the attention of hip-hop trio Naughty by Nature’s KayGee and introduced the group to his record label Arista Records and from that point on they began working on their debut album.

KayGee produced their debut single “Butta Love” in September of 1997 and the single became a huge hit. Their debut album Rated Next released on September 30th. After the album release, in 1998 they released “Too Close”, which became their biggest hit single as a group. It hit number one on the Billboard 100, and the attention of their single helped increase the sales of their first album. The album eventually became certified double platinum and they received nominations at the American Music, Billboard, and Soul Train Awards.

In 2000, they released another number one hit single “Wifey” before the release of their next album. Welcome II Nextasy was released in June 2000, and the album went gold. In 2002, the group took a break and RL released his debut solo album and it was successful for him.

Once the group rejoined forces they signed with J Records label to release their third album. In December of 2002, their album The Next Episode was released. The lead single “Imagine That” appeared on the charts but not very high.

Next left J Records and signed with 50 Cent’s G-Unit and Matthew Knowles’ Music World label for a brief moment, but no music was released at that time. T-Low suffered from career-ending health problems with his throat, and the group broke up due to other conflicts.

Next reunited in 2011, but in 2014 they worked on their new album Next, Lies, & Videotape. The album was never released and was shelved. Later on in 2016, the group appeared on TV One’s “Unsung” series, which reunited the group once again. Lastly, in 2018, Next premiered their new single “Want It” to a radio station. They continue to tour together with all the original members.

Next only released three albums together, but in 1998 they won eight Billboard Music Awards, and one Soul Train Award in 1999. The group made hits, but let too much personal drama get between them and their rise to stardom. Some of their hit singles are still played in today’s era.

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