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Top 10 Forgotten Acts of the 90's

#10: To start off our countdown, at number ten we have Jodeci. These teenagers were discovered by Heavy D and released their debut album Forever My Lady in 1991. Puff Daddy played a role in the group's image dressing them in dark colors and leather, which was seen in music videos for “Cry 4 U” and “Feenin.” They released three critically acclaimed albums in the 90’s and then vanished. K-Ci and Jojo formed as a duo up until 2013. They produced the hit single “All My Life” and released a total of five records together. In 2015, the group reunited for their fourth album called The Past, the Present, the Future. They made a great impression in the music world and had admiration from artists like Drake and Justin Bieber used them as an influence on their music.

#9: Next, in the number nine spot is Faith Evans. She was the first female to sign to P. Diddy’s label, Bad Boy Entertainment and was married to the legendary Biggie Smalls not too long after they met each other. She lived in Biggie’s shadow a lot because of his legacy, but had plenty of top 10 hits. Faith is known for her Grammy-winning tribute to her late husband, Biggie, “I’ll Be Missing You” with collaboration from P.Diddy and 112 the band. She released six solo albums and was known for hit singles “You Used to Love Me”, “Soon as I Get Home” and “Love Like This.” Her and Lil Kim resolved their rivalry and they even collaborated with their music. Faith Evan’s is still in the music business till this day and dedicated to keeping Biggie’s memory alive.

#8 Next, in the number eight spot is Monica. She is known for top hits “Angel of Mine” and “The Boy is Mine” featuring Brandy. Brandy and Monica had a feud throughout their careers, but “The Boy is Mine” won them a grammy and this is the only one each of them has ever seen. Monica was also an actress just like Brandy and appeared in Living Single, The Voice, and Pastor Brown. Monica has released eight albums and the last album Code Red was released in 2015. She has sold 5.3 million albums and also the youngest artist to have two consecutive chart topping hits on the Billboard Top R&B Singles chart. Recently, Brandy and Monica made a reunion and appeared on a webcast battle series called Verzuz and about 1.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the two battle.

#7 Next, in the number seven spot is Ruff Endz. The duo is best known for their hit singles “No More” and “Someone to Love You.” The R&B duo was originally a group of four, but David “Danvinch” Chance and Dante “Chi” Jordan left the previous group and formed a duo in 1994. They signed to Epic Records in 1999 and their hit single “No More” hit the charts at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. They broke up in 2007, but released a previous unreleased album The Final Chapter in 2010. Ruff Endz reunited again in 2016 after their beloved city Baltimore had a historical uprising and recorded the single “Time 4 Change.” Their last album was released in 2018 titled Soul Brothers.

#6 Next, in the number six spot is Next. The R&B band was composed of three members and they were known for their number one hit single “Too Close.” This song became the number one single of 1998. Other hit singles that are still played till this day are “Wifey” and “I Still Love You.” Next released three albums and two of the three went silver, gold and platinum. They won plenty of Billboard awards, were nominated in the American Music Awards, and the Soul Train awards. In 2018 the group premiered their new single, but no album has been released recently.

#5 Next, in the number five spot is Dru Hill. The Baltimore R&B group is known for the number one hit “In My Bed” and also “Never Make a Promise” and “How Deep Is Your Love.” The group went through a break from 1999 to 2002 and in this time Sisqo focused on his solo career. He released his hit single “Thong Song”, and two albums. Dru Hill won Best R&B Album for their first album Dru Hill and Best R&B Single for “In My Bed.” The group went through multiple group changes, but are still performing today with Sisqo, Smoke, Black and Nokio.

#4 Next, in the number four spot is Donell Jones. The singer, songwriter, and record producer is known for his singles “U Know What’s Up” and “Where I Wanna Be.” He released his first album My Heart in 1996, but he was better known for his second album Where I Wanna Be.” He also wrote hits for Usher and 702. Hot single “U Know What’s Up” was top ten on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Where I Wanna Be” was certified platinum. Donell released six albums and has recently collaborated with Jon B. on a duet called “Understand.” In 2019 he announced an upcoming album release.

#3 Next, in the number three spot is Alfonzo Hunter. He’s known for his hit singles “Just The Way” and “Weekend Thang” on his debut album Blacka Da Berry. He was the first male R&B artist to sign to Def Squad Records. After Def Squad moved to Motown Records, he wasn’t able to release his second album. So he started his own record label and released his album Superman Love. He released another album in 2009, but we’re not totally sure where he is now.

#2 Next, in the number three spot is Horace Brown. He was signed to Uptown Records and then moved to Motown. He was known for singles “How Can We Stop” featuring Faith Evans and “One for the Money.” In 2013 he toured with Keith Sweat and other artists. He is still in the music business and writes and produces for artists.

#1 And...the most forgotten artist coming in at number one is Az Yet. They released their solo debut album in 1996. There were 5 members in this R&B group, but the group constantly changed. Babyface became the group's mentor. Their single “Last Night” featured in the Nutty Professors soundtrack and peaked number one on the R&B charts.There cover to Chicago’s “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” was top ten in the Billboard charts, then went platinum and even earned them a grammy nomination. After, they went through another few rounds of lineup changes. They released their last album in 2013 called Magical Moment. In 2016, the original members were recording a new album and planned to go on tour..But...will this line up stick?? Who knows.

So I hope I refreshed your memories a little bit or maybe you never heard of any of these groups and learned something new today. There were so many R&B groups in the 90’s and some singles are still making it to the airwaves in 2020.

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